Wanted! Fraud jobs of the month, May 2021

There are quite a few curious job ads appearing occasionally on freelance sites where people are seeking for help of experts in fraud, scam or cybersecurity related cases. We have picked here top three amazing and eyebrow-rising ones from Upwork.

1. I feel really concerned about this one. Seems a scheme involving five years (!) communication with a possible fraudster and elderly person sending them money is something really serious and deserves close attention of law enforcement rather than a freelancer.

2. Anyone to recover a Gmail account, close a couple of other ones and also lift PayPal limit? No questions asked! However I doubt that a person capable of doing all this will be looking for $1,000 offers on freelance site anyway… so maybe better turn to Dark Net?

3. We really feel sorry for victims losing money to fraudsters.
But how on Earth one would ever choose to pay their own money on THIS website?..

Bonus track! This one quite a life story! $31M lottery fraud and a non-successful book… but this is still a real persistence and belief in success one can only envy!

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